Monday, 24 June 2013

Week 8

Week 8
Lost = 2 1/2 lb
Total lost = 32lb

Yay,my leg is healing well so I was back out gardening and grass cutting.  Think jogging round on my tractor cutting the paddock shook off a bit

Had a nice roast lunch yesterday, chicken, roast potatoes, yorkshire pudding and mixed green veg,  it doesn't hurt to have a treat now and again.  I did in actual fact miss breakfast so had some calories to play with anyway.

This week's eating fad was 1 small can Tuna mixed with sweetcorn, 0%mayo and seafood sauce on rice cakes, yummy
4 rice cakes plus tuna mix = 250 cals

This week's priority job is getting my veggies weeded. All this rain has caused havoc up there, but they are coming along well.  Looking forward to my New Potatoes, which are nearly ready to dig up and the Runner Beans and Peas that are growing fast.

Have a good week

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