Thursday, 20 June 2013

Diet Flipper

Happy Thursday all

I think we all get a buzz when going to a diet group from getting stars, recognition points etc, it brings out the kid in us and it does work.

I made this today, I call it a diet flipper.  There are 28 flips which you turn for each 1/2 lb off that week and each has a motivational saying on it.  There are also a load of flips to mark each 1/2 stone off.

It's easy to make and here is what you need

  • card (old cereal packaging is fine)
  • pretty paper
  • glue
  • hole punch or Bind-it-all/Cinch if you're a crafter
  • Binding wires, or you could use crocodile clips if you don't have the craft tools
  • card to print onto, I used white but any colour will do that will go in your printer
     Cut 2 pieces of card approx 9" x 7" and cover in pretty paper
    fold a 4" x 7" piece of card in half lengthways to make the stand.

    If you have the craft machines use a piece of bind it all wire to secure the front and back, at the bottom as shown in the picture. If not you could glue this along the bottom edges only so it will be able to open as a hinge.
    You could also punch holes and secure with pretty ribbon or string etc

    Print the inspirational sayings or you can print these sheets which are already spaced out for you ready to print and cut.  These are on Mediafire, FREE and you can manipulate in word if you want to make any changes.
    Inspirational 1
    Inspirational 2
    Inspirational 3
    Inspirational 4
    Inspirational 5
    Diet stones off sheets 1
    Diet stones off sheets 2
    Diet stones off sheets 3

    I cut the inspiration quotes at 4" x 3 1/2" and the stones off at 3" x 4"
    secure with a clip or bind it all through the front and back at the top either side, this joins all the edges together.  Make sure you have them in order of 1/2, 1lb etc starting with a 1/2lb quote on top and the stones with the lowest amount at the top, i.e 1/2 stone.

    I added some star stickers to the one when you reach the half stone (7lb) off  quote and the last one, where you flip them all back and start on your next stone.

    Now you just need to lose weight and flip away, one quote per 1/2 lb lost :-)

    If you have any questions please contact me and I will try to help you xx

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