Monday, 1 July 2013

Still losing and inches off

Week 9
Lost = 2 lb
Total lost = 34lb
Total inches off = 17 1/2"

That was a surprise, didn't expect to lose so much this week.  I have been busy though, gardening and maybe doing it in the heat is sweating it off :-) 

Going to try some new Weight watchers Sauces this week that I found on special offer, will report back on my opinion of them.

I really like the New Philadelphia Sauces, Mushroom or Garlic & Herb.

O'k it is 260 cals per sachet (only have half 130 cals) but with a chicken breast 150 cals, 100 grms cooked rice 130 cals,  it makes a 410 cal meal the same as some Diet ready meals you can buy.

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