Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Losing steady so far

I have just started week 5 of my diet.  O'k so some say eating plan or call it other things but a diet is a diet in my mind so I am sticking with that.  As long as I am losing does it really matter?

Progress so far

Week 1 - 12.5lb - first weeks are always pretty impressive but this was my best ever
Week 2 - 6lb - pretty good for a second week 
Week 3 - 4.5lb - felt hungrier this week but got over that with my diet soup 
Week 4 - 1lb - the weather has been rubbish so not able to get in the garden and do as much exercise
Week 5 - 3.5lb - despite having flu and not really eating as I should I did o'k, this was a good surprise for me to have lost this much :-)

Total off so far = 27.5lb, just 1/2 lb off my second stone

 540 cal lunch

2 chicken chargrills

peas and sweetcorn ( high fibre 144 cals for 200g), handful of frozen green beans 
2 tablespoons of light mayo

frozen Raspberry yoghurt - 1/3 tub of 0%fat natural yoghurt, 200g of frozen raspberries or other frozen summer fruits, blitzed in a processor.  Makes a nice big serving of yumminess :-)
Enjoy your day and eat well

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