Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Look away :-(

 I hate having my photo taken but got Gerry (my OH) to take these for me to see how I change as I lose weight.  I also keep a chart of measurements as sometimes weight loss is slow but inches lost keep up motivation.

These show me after my first week and a loss of 12.5lb, a drop in the ocean of lb's to lose but a great week all the same, I was very pleased

I am counting calories and keep a weekly calorie chart, 1500 per day at this stage.
I try to have breakfast each morning and a high fibre element speeds up loss and makes you feel better, fuller and already I have more energy.

Breakfast is - 
4oz of Bran Flakes the kind with with fruit, mixed with hot water and a little milk - 250cals.

  • I am relying on a lot of low cal ready meals for ease
all supermarkets have their own brands of these so it is up to you, I try to go for under 400 calories if possible and bulk up with lots of fresh green veggies (not peas) as they are free on my diet.
  • my favorite frozen yoghurt pudding
150 grms Natural 0 fat yoghurt blitzed in a processor with 4 oz of frozen berries, this is delish and only 200 cals

  • sachets of soup or my homemade veg soup for hungry moments, it has zero cals
onions, root veg (any) i.e, carrots, parsnip, swede, courgette, etc. (No peas or sweetcorn these are not free cals) about 1lb in total
pile in a pan with 2 pints of water and a bovril or beef stock cube
cook till veg is soft and blitz or blend with a stick blender/processor
This is FREE of cals and you can have a mug anytime you need a snack but don't want to waste calories

I will add more of my strange food ideas in future posts.  They are sometimes a little odd but have flavour and satisfy your appetite.


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