Monday, 3 June 2013


My name is Sandra and I am fat.

Sounds like the opening of a meeting where you all sit round and declare your awful deep

I think there is a million reasons for being overweight and a million diets to sort it out.  It's about finding what will work for you.  Over the years I have yoyo'd up and down from reasonably slim to huge.  Babies, stress, house moves etc have helped to take my eye of the ball and stop dieting and subsequently gain weight back again.

We all say, I am never putting it back on but most of us do.  I lost seven stone and said I would never be fat again, but 18 years later I am almost back up there.

" I eat to live, not live to eat"

In other words when it comes to food I can't be bothered so eat rubbish.  Circumstances mean I have just myself to cook for during the week and if I am gardening, decorating, working, crafting etc, I hate stopping to eat so grab a pie/sandwich/biscuits, anything easy to take the hunger away and I can keep on with what I am doing.  Bad - full stop.  This is guaranteed to pile pounds on me, as you can see.

I do enjoy cooking, Family parties, Christmas etc I love the doing of all that but can't be bothered cooking for me.  So now I am going to make the effort and take time to think about what I eat and lose weight.

I hope that I can share some of the stuff that works for me and if it helps anyone else, that can only be good .


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