Monday, 8 July 2013

Week 10 So Sunny :-)

Week 10

Lost = 2 1/2lb
Total lost = 36 1/2lbs

Yay over 2 1/2 stone now :-)

I love this sunny weather,  I have been living on cottage cheese, french toast's (crispbread type), Natural yoghurt mixed with loads of fresh fruit and the odd proper meal.  
easy food
Still on 1500 cals a day 

This week I enjoyed  lot's of the summer fruits that are available, Gooseberry's from MY garden, Strawberry's, Peaches and Cherries.  Also had some delish Homegrown potatoes.

 My peas are nearly ready to pick.  They are  late this year but I do love eating them fresh from the pod :-)

Have a good week

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